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Electric Car Towing Experts in Southern Colorado

Electric cars are a modern marvel, but they break down just like any other vehicle. When you need to tow an electric car, you need someone with specialized knowledge. Electric cars can become seriously damaged if towed using the same methods used to tow gas-powered vehicles. Discount Towing has electric car towing experts in Southern Colorado who know how to tow electric cars without damaging them. So, when you need your electric vehicle towed, call for one of our electric car towing experts.

flatbed towing car

How Towing an Electric Car Is Different

Our electric car towing experts only use the best practices when towing electric vehicles. When we tow a typical gas-powered vehicle, one set of tires is left on the road while the other set is elevated and attached to the tow truck. Most electric car manufacturers warn against using this method for towing their vehicles. The correct way to tow an electric vehicle is by loading it onto a flatbed truck. This prevents the forced movement of the wheels, which can damage its internal electronics and charging system.

a car towing on big wrecker

We Tow Wherever You Need to Go

When we tow your vehicle, we take you where you need to go. If there has been a serious accident, that usually means an automotive repair shop. However, many minor breakdowns can be solved with our roadside assistance or by taking your vehicle home. A lack of charge is one of the most common reasons electric car owners end up stuck on the side of the road. In these cases, you just need to get the car home or to the nearest charging station. Wherever you need to go, we’ll make sure you and your car get there safely.

Get Help From Discount Towing’s Electric Car Experts 24/7!

If you have an electric car break down for any reason, we are here to help get you and your car to safety. Our experts work with electric vehicles of all makes and models. Whether you have a fully electric EV or a partially electric hybrid, you want to ensure that your car is not harmed during the process of towing it. Our team handles all-electric vehicles with the greatest care. So, call us next time you need an electronic car towing expert.

Secure Storage Available

Maybe you need to tow a hefty vehicle but don’t know where it’s going yet. We also offer storage for cars that need it. We can hold your vehicle at our secure site until you are ready for us to tow it to the next location. We even have indoor storage available upon request.

24/7 Emergency Towing!