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Flatbed Towing Services in Southern Colorado

Some of the most critical towing jobs call for a flatbed tow truck. This allows the vehicle to be completely removed from the road while it is in transit. Discount Towing offers flatbed towing services all across Southern Colorado. Whether you are transporting your vehicle long distance or need heavy equipment delivered to a worksite, our flatbed trucks are here for you. If you’re wondering if a flatbed is the best towing option for you, call us today!

a car towing on big wrecker

When Do I Need Flatbed Towing Services?

Some situations call for flatbed towing services more than others. While any vehicle can be safely towed using a flatbed, certain situations require a flatbed. For instance, all-wheel-drive vehicles can be damaged if towed by a traditional tow truck. So, they need to be placed on a flatbed truck for towing. Likewise, long-distance trips and heavy equipment transports often need flatbed towing services in order to guarantee safe towing.

Long Distance Flatbed Towing Services

Many people prefer a flatbed truck when they tow a valuable vehicle long distance. While all our towing services will keep your vehicle safe and secure, flatbed trucks prevent potential risks when towing a car long distances. A standard tow truck will leave two wheels in contact with the road. By placing the vehicle on a flatbed, there is no wear and tear on the vehicle, which can become a significant concern when traveling a long distance.

Heavy Equipment Hauling

Most heavy equipment, like forklifts, loaders, and dozers, will require a flatbed because they are built differently than the typical car. Some heavy equipment can be towed with a standard tow truck, but it is not practical for most types of heavy equipment. Heavy equipment typically does not have road-safe wheels, and many are all-wheel-drive. Towing either type in the traditional way could cause damage to the equipment. Luckily, we have reliable flatbed towing services that can get heavy equipment anywhere you need it to go.

Call 24/7 for Secure Flatbed Towing Services!

If you need flatbed towing services, use a towing company that knows their stuff. All our drivers are highly trained and experienced. We know how to haul any type of vehicle anywhere in Southern Colorado. They have driven around the area for years, so they know the quickest way to get to you, making sure you don’t have to wait a minute longer than is necessary. To arrange flatbed towing services, call us now!

Secure Storage Available

Maybe you need to tow a hefty vehicle but don’t know where it’s going yet. We also offer storage for cars that need it. We can hold your vehicle at our secure site until you are ready for us to tow it to the next location. We even have indoor storage available upon request.

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